Disability Homer



Homer is Bart Simpson's dad, Marge Simpson's husband, Lisa Simpson's dad and Maggie Simpson's dad.

He works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


  • 1956: Homer was born
  • 1958: He started growing hair on his head and wearing a bib.
  • 1961: He eats his bib
  • 1963: He eats excessively and after that he eats healthy food such as fruit
  • 1965: He has to repeat the 2nd grade as he gets Fs
  • 1966: He passes the 2nd grade when he gets Ds
  • 1968: His house becomes dirty with uncleaned dishes and the bathtub falls of the bathroom
  • 1970: He gets acne
  • 1972: He meets Marge Bouvier
  • 1977: He starts drinking Duff Beer. He drinks so many that he makes scuptures out of the cans (Pyramid, Taj Mahal and New York City)
  • 1980: He loses his hair